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And now we move on to the next chapter of insecure Will.  Because look at this and tell me that’s not what this is.  Will has always had this thought in the back of his mind that he’s not good enough for Sonny - even on the day before their wedding.

This is him trying to knock Sonny down off that pedestal (we had the comment last week about “living so close to perfection”).  Glorified barista?  Someone who does a simple job but has ideas above his station.  Will, a writer, starting to think he might be something and someone and is knocked down massively.  It’s the old saying about bullies - they want to share their pain, they lash out to make people feel as bad as they do…

Loser Will.  Can’t get a job on his own.  He’s not good enough, he’s so useless that he can’t even do something as simple as get a job to support his family.  Sonny’s done that, Sonny has been doing that entirely (and pretty much single handedly) since they brought Ari home.  To the apartment that Sonny got, Sonny pays rent on, Sonny furnished…

Will getting this job was him pulling his way.  He talked about chipping in with bills, helping out with rent.  This is Will trying to be an adult, a husband, a father, a responsible person in his own right.  And it’s all falling down around his ears.

Will doesn’t feel like Sonny’s equal.  He doesn’t feel like he’s a partner in this, and if you think about when Will came home?  Ari was happy and settled and loved in her daddy’s arms.  Just not daddy Will.  And for someone who is struggling to hold on to the idea that he’s good for something that was probably the last straw.  That’s why he took Ari from Sonny, that’s why he called her “my little girl”.  Because he’s trying to hold on to something in his life and have some control over it.

Will Horton is still insecure.  We’re just seeing it manifest in a different way now.

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